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The real world:
You will succeed, first of all, if you have the acknowledgment and the ability to find and attract ADVERTISERS.
With plenty of advertisers, no upgrades needed, no rent refs, no complaints about bots, no delays, no changes on tos, few risks.
In the real ptc world, more than 90% of the advertisers are other ptcs, investment schemes or blogs.
Ptc advertising ptc in ptc sites. A ptc wants members to register, buy upgrades, buy advertisements, buy refs, don’t matter if they have or not a verified account.
So, I don’t think that there is a formula for succeeding, because it ends up depending on the MAN (or girl), depends on the OWNER(s).
That is why few aurora’s succeed and thousands other fail.
Same goes with other scripts or self-made scripts.

In the end, success does not depend much on the scheme.
It depends on the OWNER´S ability to:

> Find and attract advertisers. It is money in/money out. If not, it is a ponzi and will fail soon. Don’t expect me or anyone to tell you how to find advertisers. This must be your job. As any other business, you have to find the best places, use the appropriate wording and make your prices sound good and affordable. Internet provides many instructions on how to use twiter, social networks, forums and so on.

> Calculate carefully the values. It is not easy. Upgraded members can only earn a little more if they have 10+, maybe 20+ direct referrals. Else, they may only THINK that they are in profit. Kids don’t do the math. You must to have the ability of make a member THINK that it is a good deal. One of the many ways to do this is give him more ads. Actually, it is nothing, no profit because the member could just go to other ptc and click more ads without paying for this. And you already have stuck ads to deliver. Other is to give the member the permission of having more direct refs! Seems it is working around as a benefit to the member only... More: set him low cash out values … For heavens sake, If he already invested, for example $10, why would he bothers in cash out $0,10 ? But it seems work well with the kids. They will put more proofs to promote YOU, and they will pay for it!!! . Study the “paid to promote” feature. This is a way to promote your site through members and it costs almost nothing. See this reference.  Make sure that this feature will work properly. If not, it will make the member unsatisfied or even angry.

> Choose the most adequate script for your needs. Buxhosts are expensive and you have no control over it. History shows that it is faded to fail.

> Create an attractive design; Don’t use default theme. The banner must be attractive, soft. Size must be small as possible, so it can load completely and fast. A 100Kb banner is already large. Never use flashing or blinking or flashing images in banners or in the site. People hate this kind of effect and no one will click on it.

> Buy tools to avoid cheaters; Be careful and check it twice before banning a member. Most members wrongly banned won’t return and will never buy something from your site because it makes them feel insecure and obviously angry. and, of course,

> MARKETING. You must find ways to make the member thinks that your site is a real-deal. See incrisebux, for one. Few members really profit while thousands lose money. They do the marketing in a way that the member THINKS that will be or are in profit. There is no magic. It is money in / money out. If you profit 100, 10 other members will lose 10 each, in a way or in other.

> Study the successful ptcs. Wordlinx, Clixsense, Linkgrand, neo, Matrixmails; Auroras like Cashons/Cashertise, Bestcashcliks; Cashnhits that is suffering with many experiments to survive and few others.

> The ability of to adapt to the circumstances....

Something about upgrades: At first glance, when you put (buy) an advertisement, you have a choice: All members or only upgraded members. Advertisers want to sell their goods. If an upgraded member only transferred money from his PP to yours, what is the use? What is the difference? But the real world shows that you have the same chances of selling things (including registration or just site hits) whatever the membership is. New members tend to click and see everything but old members tend to see nothing.

This is the old cheaters scheme:
Buy upgrade, find some refs, don’t matter if fake, robots or dups. Profit, cash out and request a chargeback.
You lose money, your PP ends up frozen > gone, you have to change the tos, delay payments, invent diipa-daapas, etc etc.
Most members are honest, but the few cheaters will ruin your site.
Cheaters love 1 cent sites. But
If a member has a credit card linked to his PP, he has the real power to buy goods. He won’t cheat you by chargeback. So, consider to allow upgrades only to members that have a verified payment processor, and allow only this processor to receive and to send money.

Standard members and Verified members would be the dream-ptc. In the real world, you may try a half-way.
Verified members will have more ads and some facilities, like few % more for direct refs, faster payments, lower payment threshold, and things like this, carefully calculated.
Add some apparent benefits, make the member feel special. In the forum, give him a special badge like "pro-member" "vip-member" or something that combines with your forum style.
This is an example of an upgrade that costs $10 per year:
From 2005 to 2010 they only accepted upgrades with verified PP acc. They survived for 5 years. Now it is not needed anymore, as they are established as successful site and with 3% ref earnings, cheaters run away.
Don’t try to make a site intended to pay only verified payment processors. You will be trusted but won’t succeed. There will be few members and you will earn nothing but daily hard work.
Study the successful sites. Forget buxhosts.
Ptc is in the scene for about 15 years and no formula has proven to be "the one". The successful sites are different from each other.
If you have the abilities above mentioned, then you only need experience now.
That is why you need an initial investment to prepare your ptc and have cash for the unexpected to come.

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