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Don´t waste your money paying up to $10 for "Referral Secrets" !

    They are all the same thing and will not really help you to get refs. Maybe they will help you to read more, search, research and get more and more used to the ptc world.

This is a FREE E-Book.

    When reading this book, disconsider the sites mentioned there. All are gone or became scam. It was made to promote his sites.

    This page is to show you that you can have all information that you want for free, in foro around.

   Download or read it   HERE.
   Download or read the "famous"
   Referral Secrets 2.0  HERE

The cover of the book

These are lessons from "sabbie" - Or follow the link with updates clicking HERE.

    There are many e-books available about referral secrets. Do not waste your money, there is no big secret. Just a bit of common sense.
Long story but they don't call it an e-BOOK for nothing

There are a few ways you can get real refs for little to no investment. These ways will guarantee you real refs instead of bots. Real refs are yours for as long as they are active. No monthly fees, no recycling. They are usually more active than bots and cannot be controlled by any admin

The easiest thing to do is to get refs for very new sites. It can be risky because you usually have no way of knowing a site will pay or turn scam but with little to no investment it can be worth the risk because even future scam will pay in the beginning.

To find the new sites just look at the ads your clicking or check the new websites board on any ptc forum
Once you find a site that looks good to you there are a few things you can do to get refs

 1- join through a downline builder, this will usually get you 1 ref

 2- Join through a ref exchange, this will get you 1 ref for one of your other sites. Then start your own ref exchange for your new site. this could get you several refs but will mean you have to join and be active on other sites in exchange

 3- make a blog.This will allow you to show all your sites in one place. Add your blog to your signature on forums and be active; the more you post, the more free exposure you get for your blog

 4- The most effective way to gain refs is to advertise your ref link. Sounds expensive but its not.
Here are some cheap and easy ways to advertise your ref link.
First and most important: check the ref link of the new site works. If its not working or it saves cookies do not bother to advertise because you will not get the refs
Join traffic exchange sites like easyhits4u. In exchange for your clicks you can advertise your link for free. Great if your looking for exposure to your blog but usually not very effective to get refs
Join a few aurora sites. Yes i know most of you don't like them but they are great for guaranteed payouts and free or cheap advertising.
Many of the (new) aurora sites will offer you free upgrades and free advertising when they launch.
Use a part of the free ads to advertise another aurora site. Many of the free upgrades include ptp so you are getting paid for advertising the new aurora. use a part of the free ads to advertise another aurora site. If you can get refs to your auroras you are guaranteed free ads because you can convert your earnings into more ads.
To get a lot of refs you need to advertise on larger and active sites. Check the site stats to see how many members a site has and how many hits its getting each day. Also take into account the sites are being advertised too so not all the hits will be active members
Before you decide to advertise on a site check to see the site your advertising is not being over-advertised already. Chances are if a site admin is advertising his link to your site the members will join him instead of you.

    You can choose to use the click exchange which work like traffic exchange
Use the link credit for easy setup and you will get some refs
Use the ptr credit and it will give you the option to add some info about the site your advertising.
Nobody Bothers to read a long story while clicking ads so keep the info short and to the point, just new site, link value and payout will do.
Do not lie or mislead about the new site. nobody believes all the 'new site by neobux' junk and it makes you look dishonest
Banner advertising can be effective if its a very new or catchy banner or if its an old site and the banner shows your stats and you have already earned a nice amount.
Banners rotate so if you have a lot of banner credits put up more of the same banner ads

A lot of the older and larger aurora sites will have cheap advertising. There is no reason to pay more than $0.50-$1.00 for 1000 links to advertise you link
Check this thread for some of the best offers

   A lot of the new buxes have problems and downtime. The big advantage of advertising on an aurora is that you can retract your credits until the problems are solved and the site is back.

    Just one last tip,  do not waste your money advertising on bux sites. Most ptc sites will have the same members so do you want to advertise to member a and member b for $0.50/1000 on an aurora or do you want to advertise to the same member a and member b for $20/1000??

    even if you think all this sounds like hard work give it a try and once you get the hang of it you will see a lot of real refs in your downline.

    There are more ways to get refs so if you know any good ways feel free to add.


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