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    What About Renting Referrals ?

     The so hardly discussed issue .

Why would a site sell refs? Does he want to give you his money?
No, of course he doesn´t. Site owners want money and it comes from advertisers, in order to pay members.
But wait! What about receive money from advertisers AND from members? Good idea! Indeed, a very good idea.
To a better explanation about this subject, let´s divide in two sections: clever admins and stupid admins. In both cases, you will find stupid members...

Clever admins: To sell refs is a very attractive strategy for members. They think that will earn faster and more than the usual. Faster? probably. More than not renting? usually not. The trick is that the member don´t do the math to compare the two possibilities. In fact, it is almost impossible to make accounts in this situation. So, the logic can solve this equation:
Yes, no clever admin will set a ref price or set ref behaviour in order to lose money. The price will be set considering many points. The total amount paid to members has to be always, with no exception at all, less than the income.
This is estimated considering the ref value itself, the permanence time of a member that rents ref, the time that a standard member stays active, the number of ads, etc. etc.
It is very hard to a member to earn real money this way. Very few members will earn a relevant amount; other few members will match or earn an insignificant amount but most members will lose money.
If, for some unexpected reason, the site needs more money, admin will rise slightly the ref price and / or slightly lower the referral clicks or activity. Yes, lower the ref clicks is a normal task.
All sites have "bots", meaning the ability to manage the amount of ref clicks per day. You can never believe that a rented ref behaves in the way the site shows you. The site shows you just what you are allowed to know and allowed to earn.
It may be hard to believe it but if you are reading this topic is because you are new in the ptc world. As time goes by, you will learn and understand.
The following was post in a forum by a site owner (bananabux):

people still believe that people living in rented neobux and other sites in PTC, but I want to disappoint you) - all PTC use bots - system - which is configured, administrators, as they need it! Is it bad? No! That's good! Bots - the system allows the site to PTC - make ongoing investments, I have worked on many sites - and where admins were trying to sell only real referrals - they have nothing in the end did not go - referrals quickly bought and was a constant shortage - the result that investment is declining - and site becomes nothing to pay...
You can read this article Here.

This is only one example among hundreds of testimonials.
Don´t be fooled by thinking in "good price", "trusted admim", "proofs of payments". People that rent refs like to put high value payment proofs in forums but they never say how much they invested. They are ashamed to show how full they were and try to compensate this foolishness putting high value proofs without further details.
You will usually find few proofs like this, which always come from the same half a dozen members or less. You will find out, in time, that most of these few members are somehow related to the site admin as moderators, partners and relatives. Not to say about fake proofs handmade by the admin himself.
Finally, as said many times: Rent referrals is like a gamble.
One win and all the others lose.
If you are still thinking on renting refs, be prepared to lose money.

Idiot admins:
They don´t make mats before setting prices. They just look around. They allow members to profit in an unwatched way so members usually profits but the result is even worst.
When the site runs out of funds, they start to decrease drastically the daily referral clicks. Members note this, complain in forums, start to request "charge back", the site´s account get limited or frozen by the payment processors and this is the end.
All those members that thought that were in profit, receives nothing.
Everybody loses, exept for the first members.
Admins starts complaining about cheaters, lack of investment, script bugs and so on
but the truth in the end is always the same: no money, scam, bye bye.

Nothing better than see directly how this is made:
Bots clicks are virtual clicks , numbers only , not real ads clicks in scripts.
It's set as following :
1- membership : name of the membership
2- rented refs max amount : max amount of refs this membership can rent
3- refs click rate : ( if site has 10 ads for example )
it will be set between 2-4 for standard members
4-7 for medium upgrade members
7-10 for large upgrade members

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